Chicago Biking 2006
# of bike lane miles 100
# of off road trail miles 50
# Bike Racks 10,000
Bike Coordinator? Ben Gomberg
Bike Maps? Yes
Hazard Report Form? New for 2006: Staff to tour existing infrastructure bike lane
network three times a year and arrange for repair/improvements report problems
# of bike rack equipped buses Every bus (2000): Chicago Transit Authority is the second biggest
bus system in the country
Bikes on Trains? Yes
# Bike shops 50 (number fluctuates)
Current list
% of trips by bike? 1-2%
Bike to Work Day? Grown from one week in 1996 to the 5-month long Bike Chicago
# Colleges 81
Ave. Rainfall 37 inches
Ave Temp. Range 25 - 75 degrees
Recycled Bike Program? Working Bikes Cooperative
Bike bridges? 10
Bike undercrossings? 10
Bike Boulevards? No but 10 miles are planned by 2015
Population 2,895, 964
Planned 20/15 Plan to be released at Bike To Work Day 6/16/06
Local Bike Activist Organizations?

Break the Gridlock
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation
Chicago Bike Winter
Chicago Critical Mass
Major Taylor Bike Society

Your Name and Title or Organization? Ben Gomberg
Bicycle Program Coordinator
Chicago Dept of Transportation
Other The Millennium Park Bike Station has indoor parking for bicycles in the heart of the city and also features repair, showers, rental, lockers, and a cafe.