July 26, 2003

Arcata celebrates Skot

Skot Paschal rode the last 15 miles in to Arcata today with Mayor Bob Orneleas who had the day before wrenched his back and stepped on a nail. And such misfortune could not have happened to a more loving man. After working with him this last week, I can see why it is no wonder that the Arcata citizenry keeps reelecting him and when he says he needs help with a project everyone pitches in. He told the media he had a bikes story he wanted coverage for and they were there. He asked the Chamber of Commerce to help and they got some of the business community out to celebrate Skot, We'll have a full report soon but for now, here is a worthy smattering of Pocket Mail (Eugene to Arcata) reports from another man who everyone, specially children, loves, Skot Paschal :

**Hanging w/mayor Bob**
Hey Hey What Do You Say?
Now finds me at a party with the cool mayor BobO and his pals. We went to the hot tubs and then pub time.
The media was there and I'll be on the evening news and morning paper. This town has treated me and NBG quite well.
Now it's time to figure step next one. Everyone says it cannot be done. Too hot, weekend traffic and no shoulders. Avid riders say "forget about it." I'll sleep on it. Maybe if I get to Redding...crazy.

are all around that walk.
They talk of houses,
and babies,
Me I think of the redwood avenue
that welcomed me this day,
the fog and road that rolled.
Thoughts that questioned if I can.
There are many things that people say that really are important
but nothing like the soul.
For it takes big effort
away from comfort town
a place that could be queasy,
the road is south of uncertain,
take a chance baby,
'tis easy,
it's just shy of noon and Mayor BobO is to be here at 12:30 to ride into town and celebration. I got up at 4:30 and have rode a ton already. My legs are crashing, the rest of the day in Arcata will be rest and decision: no way to Ride Chico in a day and a half. There is up an down major mountain climbing and over 100 deg. heat.

trying to be good,
embrace another long hill
cherish the cold that sends a hundred chills.
sing with the strain and pain,
i could be working.
Which is more valuable:health or wealth?
Put your hands on your knees.now cross your hand and wiggle your knees, I'm in Charleston. There is a bridge outside of North Bend/Coos Bay that's a mile long, sheer drops and today the wind was so bad that I had to fight to keep out of roaring trucks, speeding cars and crashing water. Halfway across one word kept me going "Beer", so my pledge was to ride until tap beer could be found. Oyster cove solved all my woes and a veal special that was BUTTER.

Oregon is resurfacing the roads and they are a joy. The bike lanes have enough room to dance in. This is THE bike state. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Mr. Mayor, here I come..details sketchy; as is the road less pedaled.

Now a zen moment.

There are ripples
rivers blown
treetop waves
dune in progress
and the day.
To see beyond the source
puts the fun
in profound
and sparkle-
snap in your sashay.

the wind made me do it,
95 at noon
65 at 6
This is wild. Earlier I was hiding under a roadside bush for relief from the intense rays and now I find myself rubbing my hands together for some warmth.
The last 15 miles were led by a monster headwind that kept me about 5 mph. This was a tough day of challenges.
I need to set up tent and hide away. This is probably one of the few downright chilly places in the country.
There is a sign by the kitchen window that has a kneeling/praying figure and the quote is: "Waitress...Ple-e-e-ze! Bring my order." I've been warned.

There are sounds today
and smells renewed
of blackberries
rivers and geese.
The road is here to bring me back
to where we all need be.
there is no vcr
no dvd
not even a remote control.
Only me, the blacktop and a spirit that can't be found on any TV.

Yield and you can stay centered.
-Lao Tzu

Skot Paschal http://www.skot.web-page.net
Skot can be reached on the road at: skot@pocketmail.com

Local access to PocketMail mobile
e-mail now available in Europe, North
America & Australia http://www.pocketmail.com

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July 24, 2003

SF Bay Trail Comes to Rescue, NBG Skot & Jim battle heat

- Just heard from the San Francisco Bay Trail http://www.baytrail.org people this morning and they want to help get our riders thru the Bay Area!! With their help, I am excited that our riders will likely have an efficacious and enjoyable bike ride from Berkeley to San Jose this year. With about half of its 540 total miles completed, the trail does have gaps but most can be filled by riding on city streets. And the Bay Trail people tell me they can help us with routing in these areas. In the few trouble spots that still exist, where the roads around the gaps are heavily traveled and require some dangerous freeway crossings, I have suggested a police escort for our riders as a way to call attention to this important pathway. If you want to learn more about this amazing greenway the SF Chronicle is running a 7-part series that can be found at : http://www.sfgate.com/baytrail

- In other news, finally equipped with all the tools we needed, the proclamations, some pix and reports, we were able to get Steamboat Springs National Bicycle Greenway Day on line. Do get a look. http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/Steamboat2003

- With regard to our Mayors' Ride as it continues down from Eugene to Arcata, THX to an NBG fan named Bill, whose last name Skot has not told us, Skot was able to get a car boost to make up for the lost day his late train had caused him. Add in a mix of Advil and it looks like Skot came up with the right combination to keep him on schedule for his 12 noon Arcata meeting tomorrow! And yet there again, Arcata Mayor, Bob Ornelas, hopes he doesn't get too close because he has been looking forward to riding him into town from a worthy bike distance away. Well known for his Pocket Mail poetry last year, poor Skot has had all he can do to keep the wheels turning but we did get this:

Bill to the rescue. He will give me a boost to Brookings. My hope is to spend the night near Trinadad.
My legs are fried...
Tomorrow is a new me.

I just saw a man punch another right below the eye. There is an edge to port city Charleston.

The road from Charleston is named Seven Devils, but to all you folks that went to work today it is a Hundred Angels. It's about 5 past sunrise and up you go...a doe...a smell from white reflecting flowers,
cool is everywhere; even in me.
The first days of touring are getting organized, feeling the flow, leaving the "World" (whirled) you behind.
Today a bit of the old pedaler is back. That's odd considering last night at 2 me and my sweetie Advil were doing some serious dancing.
Bill will meet me here and place me in an appropriate location. The Bikeway is becoming a great network.
Concerning tonight..still too soon. Expect an update around 6.

In a pedaling state of mind,

Knowing what is enough is freedom.
Knowing when to stop is safety

Yield and you can stay centered.
-Lao Tzu

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July 23, 2003

Arcata Mayor Considering, NBG Skot Hamstrung by Train

Here we see Skot Paschal http://www.skot.web-page.net , one of the most popular middle school math teachers on the CA Central Coast using part of his summer vacation to ride from Eugene to Sacramento in the NBG National Mayors's Ride. And a good ways before he gets to Arcata, his first stop, he will be joined by Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas who is still trying to figure out how he can participate in our relay as it continues on to Chico and maybe even beyond!! As I've told Bob in private email, I can't think of a more powerful way for a cyclist to advance the cause of cycling. I mean think about it, what could better show America how important it is to improve the conditions of the roads and paths on which we journey every day than to first become a Mayor and then use the authority of that office to report about what we encounter every day using the backdrop of our ride to do so?

Leaving the excitement Bob as caused aside for a moment, poor Skot has a pretty big mountain to climb before we can even get there. His train into Eugene was **FiVE** hours late causing him to miss the entire Eugene reception with Mayor Torrey and Mark and George and Don. He got in so late that he also missed out on the free meals and lodging that Barbara Gleason of Burley Design had arranged for him. And Barbara who volunteered to host the riders had already made Mark and George and Don feel like royalty the night before as we will soon be showing you. But here for now is Skot who in the interest of rolling the big miles, hundred plus a day, is staying lean on his Pocket Mail reports:


Any hope of meeting the mayor has vanished with the train being 5 hours late. In fact, it seems that it will be impossible to ride today. The train won't get in until around 5 p.m
How does anyone ever sleep on a train?
The trip has a plan; not I.
Update: I'm finally in Eugene! Sittin' in the Wild Duck Brewery; 'eatin Hawaiian Short ribs, listening to the blues and enjoying a Spank Dog Pale Ale.
The train arrived after 5. After 15 hours of train I deserved the best.
There is a lot of great mail. How about that Bob Ornelas? This is going to be the best trip ever.
I got a hold of Barbara Gleason of Burley fame and we're working it all out. Tell Bob I'll have details in a day or two. This train thang put me back a bit. It also has created a monster schedule. I should maybe left Saturday, but .....
Faith can move this little old mountain.
eek..fires in Oregon..is it me?
in touch,
cuz' skot 

There's a button at the entrance to the Mapleton tunnel that must light up the attack board at the loggers bar and grill. I waited. I thought that I could outsmart them. Listening until the hills were dead of any human instigated sounds. I jumped upon my Seabiscuit heading towards the light that barely cracked the car cave.

The blacktop is new,the road slightly downhill..all my lights are on and blinkin' and my legs are firing like a Holley 4-barrel... then, no, aurghh, the lovely new highway began to shake, first just a tickle, then like Santa Cruz in '89 the whole hole was jumping. In my rear view I see a chip truck about as wide as white line to double yellow, in the other lane I spy something that begins with " D". A logging truck, a Damned Big logging truck.

Every once in a while I think I must disappear and beam-up a few seconds and 100 feet away. Anyways, there I was a few feet to freedom framed by blackberries and blue skies.
Miracles are so much fun.

In a pedaling state of mind,

Knowing what is enough is freedom.
Knowing when to stop is safety.
-Lao Tzu


Skot can be reached on the road at: skot@pocketmail.com

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