August 06, 2003

DQ Captures Essence of NBG

With regard to our Mayors' Ride reception in Napa, here we see
Apple Computer executive, DeWayne Quinn, in his well written post, as
he talks about what the Mayor's Ride meant for him. In the words that
follow you will see how DQ discovers not only the champion within but
the beauty, as Jim Muellner, continues to show us all across this
great land, of everyday people. Here in a climate where our
government works hard to make us fearful of one another, DQ seems to
be showing us that people appear for us the way we want them to
appear; that there really are no "strangers - that this world is
held together by a common bond -- a genuine love, concern and care
that all of us have for each of our brothers and sisters.

Here, as well, we also get a small taste of why DQ so excels in the
world of business in the form of the the tremendous inspiration that
his parents are for him. I can't wait to be able to share more, once
more of the reports come in, but DQ talks briefly about the great
things the cycling group he crosses paths with are doing to better
the planet He talks about the gentle Giant of a Man, Jim Muellner
is as he represents the NBG as the true ambassador of love that he
truly is and DQ talks about all the people who helped him along his
way from Sacramento to Napa when his bike broke down, he needed a
word of encouragement or a refreshment made it all seem worth his

DeWayne Quinn has offered yet another new dimension to why we do
Mayors' Rides!! After DQ's report, we will see Skot Paschal's report
as well. Skot who rode from Arcata, 328 miles away, to the Napa
reception is already back at his home in Santa Cruz. But don't expect
a lot of flowing prose from Skot. Today you will see the last of this
year's Pocket Mail poetry!

Here then are the photos DQ talks about below:

And here is DQ:
Below are 3 pictures that I have from the ride. The first is me as I
start my ascent up Cardiac Hill in the Berryessa Mountains. After a
while of climbing I started to realize where the name came from.

The second photo is of the driver of a pace van for a group of riders
riding across America for Hunger and Poverty. I was having
mechanical difficulty with my derailleur and he offered assistance
... and a pump as I had been riding on a VERY low back tire following
my emergence from my second puncture. Maika (sp?) was his name. I
ran into him 10 miles up the road (along with Sandy Houck and her
husband) preparing lunch for his 32 some odd riders on the road
behind me. Glad he was there as he was a big help.

The last picture is my folks (at Napa City Hall) getting the feel of
Jim's bike. They fell in love with that bike as it is a VERY HOT
rig. I may be converting to recumbent soon. ;-)

Anyway, I had a blast. After puncturing more in a 2 mile distance
than I did in 1600 previous miles on my bike I finally found a good
rhythm and rode it through to Napa. Some great people along the way.
Including some guy named Tom who offered me a tube when he saw me
walking toward Davis (as I had already used both tubes and did not
know what else to do ... and it was TOOOO early to call anyone).
There was the lady at the hardware store in Winters who, though they
did not have any tubes to fit my bike, offered a patch kit and
cappuccino for my journey, to Maika on the road, to Sandy Houck and
her husband Richard for riding out to really liven me up for that
last climb to my AMAZING parents for being there and then giving me a
ride all the way back to Sacramento. What a day that I am happy
about and proud to be a part of.

Mayor Henderson is a remarkable person too. I mean I realize how
awesome a town he is Mayor of (competing against many of the high
schools in sports back in the day, to being a big wine lover) but he
was also very well versed on NBG and the "stories" of many of its
riders. He introduced himself to us by calling us by our names and
hung out to talk with us long after the "ceremony" was done. His
staff, too, was remarkable in their interest of each of the riders
and their stories. Being in their company at the end of the journey
was worth the trip in itself.

THANK GOD FOR MUELLNER. You really should see this guy in action.
What an ambassador for the cause. 27 or 67, he is in shape man and
people notice.

I understand Martin ... way more than I did before my lovely buddy
Faye "roped" me into doing this. ;-) I am signing up for next year
if that is ok with you?

Thanks Faye for "hooking me up." On a personal level, the ability to
share this experience with my parents on ride day was a classic
Master Card commercial. "Price of 2 spare tubes, 6$. Cost of a
Cliff Bars and Power Bar Gels, $5. Cost of a single Kysyrium Wheel,
$500. Having parents there for their son ... PRICELESS." They
really enjoyed the experience too. Seeing how proud they were when I
was talking with the Mayor was very emotional for me. I am VERY,
VERY close to them and try to do things to honor them and the family
name. I feel as though NBG hit the mark.

Best wishes!!

DeWayne Quinn

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