Mayors' Ride Bios - Marty Wilson

1. Which Relay link do you want to ride?

Sacramento, CA to Folsom, CA

2. How you found us

Mike Sutton E-Mailed me about it

3. Why you want to do this ride

To promote Hi Wheeling. and to meet

and ride with other Hi Wheelers

4. Tell us about your touring experience- if little or none, indicate many miles have you ridden over the last year:

I have done a lot of 150 mile tours for MS in both California and Colorado.

5. Tell us about your bike

I will ride my 1865 54" G&J Hi Wheel replica, made by Greg Barron at Rideable Replica Bicycles

 6. Describe your training regimen

I ride 5-6 days a week. But I don't look at it as training I look at it as fun

7. How are you making time for this

Asked my Boss for a few days off.

8. What are your fears about doing this ride


9. Anything else you'd like to share with us?
I've done this ride twice now and really look forward to it.

My shop is my relaxing room I even put a Urinal in it so I do not
get grease in the house! It feels good to stand out there and look at my bikes!!