Which relay link(s) are you interested in?

Berkeley to Oakland and Davis to Folsom and Sausalito to San Francisco

How did you find out about NBG/Mayors' Ride?

Greg Barron of Rideable Replica HiWhelers invited me last year and we rode the Berkeley to Oakland leg. Here we are at Berkeley City Hall.

Why do you want to do this ride?

To share the love of our bikes (Ordinarys, Penny Farthings, or High Wheelers) with those who see us riding them. To get a chance to ride with other bike lovers with the same common goal! To make bikes, Ordinary bikes an every day ordinary thing on bike paths and trails.

Tell us about your touring experience- if little or none, indicate how many miles have you ridden over the last year:

I ride as often as possible. I like two to twenty mile rides.
Rode 2004 NBG Davis to Folsom (slide show)
Rode 2004 NBG Berkeley to Oakland (slide show)
Rode 200 NBG Berkeley to Oakland

Tell us about your bike:
I have a few bikes. My first was a 36" Coker wheelman. Then I got a 48" Rideable Replica Bone Shaker My favorite bike is my 52" WUK Dechant bike. Made in Austria, it is a descendent of a Hillman with some very hi tech new materials.

Please describe your training regimen:

Other than my work in the construction industry, going up and down ladders, climbing all over buildings and inspecting job sites all day, I go for an evening ride or in the early AM ride before work. I ride about one half mile at a even pace then I like to sprint for about one mile, (21 mph!!) then I ride at a steady fast clip on the return ride. I try to ride often, and when the weather is good I like to water ski thirty to forty five minute pulls, a few times a week, (it's good for the legs and back -- or is it the bike that's good for legs and back?).

How are you making time for this ride?

I will be taking time off work

What are your fears about doing this ride?


Do you have any special skills that you feel would benefit the Mayors' Ride?

I hope we don't need to use them, if needed - I am certified CPR and First Aid care giver.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

Yes, my bikes! if any of you are in my area, Santa Rosa CA., I have a hand full of HiWheelers and will share them with people who want to try one out.

EMail: essutton@pacbell.net