Mayors' Ride Bios - Nancy Nadel

Which Relay link do you want to ride?

Berkeley to Oakland

How you found us

Invited as a city councilmember

Why you want to do this ride

To promote bicycle riding as a great means of transportation

Your touring experience

I don't have touring experience because I am too busy working to go on long journeys. In the spring, summer and fall, I ride my trike to work and take some trips up and down the Bay Trail.

Tell us about your bike

I have a tricycle with a large basket on the back to carry anything from groceries to the massive council meeting agendas and EIR I have to read. It is red with white wall tires. I believe it is a Desoto.

Describe your training regimen

see above

How are you making time for this

It's a Short ride

What are your fears about doing this ride

I only have 3 gears and uphill ramps are a stretch for me.

Do you have any special skills that you feel would benefit the Mayors' Ride?

No special skills just a commitment as a policy maker to encourage bike riding.

Your occupation

Oakland City Council