Mayors' Ride Bios - Nick Hein

1. Which Relay link do you want to ride?

Washington DC to Pittsburgh . Morgantown to Pittsburgh

2. How you found us

Recumbent Cycling

3. Why you want to do this ride

To help support a worthwhile cause, get out in God\'s beautiful creation and meet other like minde
people .

4. Tell us about your touring experience- if little or none, indicate many miles have you ridden over the last year:

Toured in high school and college 30 years ago. Recent cycling has been mostly commuting., but rode the DC to Pittsburgh leg last year and can‚t wait to do it again. This year my 18 year old son will be joining me for a few days of the ride, this is my way of helping him transition into adulthood.

5.  Tell us about your bike

I own a varied collection of recumbents and streamliners  They can be seen at this website. .

6. Describe your training regimen

Daily commuting. I have a busy family and the only way I get time to ride is if I do it on the way to or from work.

7. How are you making time for this

I be taking a week of vacation from work and scheduling family events around it..

8. What are your fears about doing this ride

I am not afraid of anything, when I do this ride. It‚s on beautiful trails through scenic and historic territory with the most amazing places to see and the most engaging people I‚ve ever met anywhere. 

9. Do you have any special skills that you feel would benefit the Mayors' Ride?

I have pretty good bike mechanic skills. I'm an engineer and have designed some of my own bikes. I do bike simulations to determine energy required for a given ride under known conditions. I'm a raw foodist and usually can find people with good sources of healthy organic foods in any city through a network of other raw foodists.

10. Anything else you'd like to share with us?

I'm a licensed private pilot, guitar player, environmentalist and sustainable energy/eating/living hobbyist. Last year I sent in reports from the road, and really enjoyed writing. I'm also connected with a recumbent cyclist group in DC that we might recruit from for the proclamation ceremony..