From 2009 to 2011 NBG Director, Martin Krieg, has been busy Eagle HiWheeling America for the organization. He broke his arm in 2012. However, scouts will once again be needed from 2013 on. In the same way the Lewis and Clark explorers did at the beginning of the 19th century, you can make history with us as an NBG Scout by helping us chart safe bike routes to those major population centers we will be celebrating with an NBG Day in them, here two centuries later. As you shepherd the mayoral proclamations (here is one of our favorites) we will have collected from big cities all throughout the US, you will have helped us we also begin the work of connecting the businesses and attractions within these cities to one another. This as a web fans out that connects the edges of these areas to one another from one coast to the other.

To qualify as an NBG Scout, you should be in excellent health, self-reliant, and have some previous bicycle touring experience. We will happily advise and assist you in selecting appropriate gear and routing for your ride. If we accept you, the ride is free of charge and yet you will be expected to pay for your own food and lodging. There is no sag vehicle or other on the road support (however, we can oftentimes satisfy requests you may have from the on-line bicycle community) nor is it allowed.

You or one person from your group (should you become a part of one) will be expected to stay in daily contact with the Ride Reporter assigned to your ride. To see why Mark Lind is excited about the Mayors' Ride relays he has done, click HERE!

To see the ride that Don Loomis, he rode to Chicago for us in 2004, shared with his Ride Reporter, visit: Don's 2004 Ride Archives.

The following steps are required to join us:
  • Choose a relay link (links average 300 miles) from the Mayors' Ride schedule
  • Contact the riders you see listed in the Mayors' Ride Bios for the link you are interested in. (If no one is listed your sign up will likely prime the pump empowering others to follow suit!)
  • Sign and send back the Mayors' Ride liability waiver (HTML or PDF).

  • We highly recommend the following:
  • Read what some of our previous year's riders have done.
  • Send us a photo of yourself by email to help give a face to our efforts as we expand the awareness of the NBG through the media

  • What you get as an NBG Scout:
  • Up to 200 pictures of your ride in our NBG Gallery (Example slide shows: Skot Paschal and Troy Bogdan )
  • NBG blog of your ride
  • NBG bio
  • NBG business card
  • How to Bike America (the on-line book)
  • NBG Hat
  • NBG water bottle
  • Assigned a ride reporter (see above)
  • Your name listed on our schedule as associated with your ride(s) link
  • Copy of NBG Day Mayoral Proclamation (where possible with your name in it)

  • We look forward to your riding with us as we MAKE THE NBG A REALITY!