May 30, 2005

Concetta's Columbus to Cincinnati Ride

On Saturday morning, I left John Bryan State Park and found myself in the cute little town of Yellow Springs Ohio.

The area - and more specifically, the Yellow Spring - was discovered around 1800 and quickly became a major attraction for those seeking its "curative" waters. For more than 100 years the town was a popular attraction with hotels, spas, boarding houses and a tavern to serve travelers on the nearby stagecoach road. With the completion of the Little Miami Railroad in 1846, Yellow Springs became the center of trade and recreation for the region.

The spring, which gives the town its name, still exists but the spas, boarding houses and large hotels are gone. The railroad has been converted into the Little Miami Scenic Trail which I rode 60 miles into the suburbs of Cincinnati.

Around mile marker 8, (counting backwards) I was crossing a road when two ladies in an SUV asked how far I was going. I told them I was coming from Miami, Florida and traveling to San Francisco. They yelled, "Good For You!" and clapped as I pedaled by. A mile down the road I found these same two ladies sitting on a bench waiting for me. "We're the two ladies who were yelling at you in the crosswalk," said Bobbi, a fit women in her 60's with short salt and pepper hair. Come to find out, she had crossed a few years back on the Northern Route from Oregon to Maine with her friend Alice. She insisted I come back to her place for dinner and to stay the night.

We grilled veggie burgers and sat out on their nice wooden deck, sharing stories and looking at maps. I was given a variety of homeopathic remedies for my cold or allergies (whichever it is) and also lots of contact information for future cities that I will pass through. This morning we had a nice Irish Oatmeal breakfast and Chai Tea. These people were amazing..

I am now at Steve Shaws house getting ready to meet the mayor tomorrow. I know that Bobbie will be joining me and hopefully Steve. He too has been amazing, offering a place to rest for a couple of days and plenty of food to keep my belly full. Not to mention the nice bath he gave Cyclops today - that's the name given to my bike by Chad in Roswell.

More as this story develops...

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